Editorial Policy

We, at Globe News Prime are committed to the provision of accurate information. We do not promote any brand through our content and always believe in providing unbiased information to our readers. Our articles are based completely towards providing the information and hence we are nowhere engaged in any third party promotional activities.

Source of information:

The content we publish on our website is created by us or been verified through our sources. The content, before publishing is evaluated by our team and if found acceptable then it will be published on the website. The content is been written by our in-house journalists and then evaluated by our research team. We, at times, refer third party content which includes not-for-profit organizations, government agencies, and universities that provide the news related to our segmental research. Our editorial team evaluates every piece of content, let it be produced by our in-house journalists or referred by a third-party source to keep a check on the accuracy, completeness and the balance of the article. Hence, Globe Prime News reviews the content time and again to make sure the reader experiences updated and relevant content.

Source of finance:

We, Globe News Prime at present rely on various sources of advertisement like banner ads, native ads, video ads and sponsored posts like most of the other information providing websites on the World Wide Web.

We follow the following principles concerning sponsorship:

  • We may generate revenue from sources like commissions on consumer purchases, advertising revenues, and fees based on consumer use of links to other websites.
  • We do not promote any links by displaying any logos or other website links on our website. There will be no recommendations whatsoever unless we specifically recommend them.
  • We disclose every information like the name of the author, date of publicity of the article or its previous updated date. In the case of case studies or academic research, we disclose the name of the author who has had a substantial role in preparing that particular material.